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In The Style of Substance

October 10, 2015

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‘A beach house,’ he said, ‘doesn’t even have to be on the beach. Though the best ones are. We all like to congregate,’ he continued, ‘at boundary conditions.’
-Douglas Adams, Mostly Harmless

“Currently Going Through Customs Even Though I Was Born On This Planet.”
-Jaden Smith, twitterdotcom

For my first solo exhibit, i wanted to include a couple older protest props to remind myself where i come from and what first inspired me to make large-scale arts. While hand-sewing, mending and alteration, have made up my “practice” for as long as i can remember, it wasn’t until i started working with friends to make demonstrations more fun and meaningful that something else became possible. The process fundamentally changed me as i weened myself off writing manifestos and began looking for different ways to communicate and participate in complicated discussions.

These last couple of years, my head feels all caught up with boundaries and borders. One arbitrary and external, faceless, while the other has flex and yield, shifts with time, context and health even. This wiggle room keeps me engaged. Firm boundaries, drawing a line that cannot get crossed, tempt me in a bad way. So safe so secure, and yet stasis breeds Nothing. Rather let life keep on trying to test me, and let me watch enough movies, hold enough warm bodies and swim enough depths that the dance steps of survival come naturally, clumsy or otherwise.

Having trained in sewing and print making, at home and through collectively running a community art space respectively, i never had a question as to what tools and techniques to use. The versatility and ubiquity of fabric make it ideal for reupholstering reality. Pattern and design can contain so much information and subtlety that even the tiniest swatch in my life can bring up memories, emotions and insight. I want to work towards capturing these dense moments, these tiny whispers of potentiality.

Exhibit is free and open to the public during listed times.
Workshops are pay-what-you-can.
There will be a table of items for sale, including zines, clothing and home goods.


Saturday, October 24th
Opening Party

masked intentions
“Once again, but first time ever at Pio! we are happy to invite friends one and all to join us for a night of music and drawing, mask making and dance space crafting. Your fine host Coco will have drawing supplies on hand and guidance for those looking, while Duck Duck Goose play some music and instigate”

Sunday 25th
Embroidery Drop-in
Supplies will be on-hand to learn some of the sewing techinques used for this showcase, as well as any other stitch you might be eager to learn. Needles, embroidery floss and hoops are provided. Fabric is available as well, but feel free to bring any items from home that could use an embellishment.

Monday 26th

Tuesday 27th
Faggoting Workshop
Some of the shirts which are avialable for purchase at the exhibit were embroidered using a faggot stitch. It is a simple technique to learn, though the execution can take practice. We will have patches for sale, if you would like to try upcycling an old t-shirt.

Wednesday 28th
Faggoting workshop (cont.)
Tuesday’s workshop continues for those wanting more support, though newbies are welcome to jump in as well.

Thursday 29th
Open exhibit, free to come by

Friday 30th
Patterned Printing with Woodblocks
Using premade stamps of chromosome shapes, people will be able to pattern their own garments or textiles with washable ink.


Pio! Centre for Drawing
163 Sterling Road, #116
Toronto, Ontario

PIO is a fully-accessible space

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