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Bricks & Glitter logo

July 1, 2018

logo versions for the festival Bricks & Glitter, a community arts festival for Two-Spirit, trans and/or queer people

textile improvisation

December 14, 2017

Co-hosted workshop with Mend & Mold

untitled (shit machines)

August 27, 2017

Commissioned poem and embroidery project

untitled (shit machines), September 2017

all breaks down, simples. homo, slurry hum. so equal and egalitarian. us we eat all, digest everything. people, plastic, chemicals. digest anxiety regret ecstasy contentment. consume the world, such singular beauty disintegrates lovely stasis, most ugly pure. totalize time, matter, reality. chaos so precious corralled and squandered, shit spice. cannibalizing selves gives home, firm foot in celestial void enshrine ravenous hunger. Ca va. No thing matters anymore anyway nohow. We us animals in complex hive, hole, hill holler special, purpose, some reason. Shit happens, sentience happens. Happening happens, what else

Positively Bad

August 24, 2016


June 14, 2016

Slip through the membrane, look straight ahead no side to side. Barrel through reality and ride momentum up the stairs, trip and fall up, sprinkler sweat, swallow that gasp before it beacons my arrival. Safe in the unknown and unfamiliar, so more secure than the hateful certain. So much possible. So many bodies and configuration. Hormones and enzymes and amino acids bouncing off and rubbing against to activate. Not to live, not to continue. No life process, no. No, no purpose. So excess and crucial. Break me down, dissolve self and reconfigure joints angles dimensions fucking limits. Til time pulls to snap back eject, rejects entropy in self-defense. Futile temporary victory for already lost, only victims those expelled to hard street straight and now.


May 19, 2016

No nothing behind. High cliffs, nearly completely. Outside all water boundless prize. Swimming towards never move. Always, flipping into depths. Surface hides colors sweetness anesthetic, blue green purple. Pull cloud swaddle another, wrap wear dress. Kick lower find black. Deeper unknowable can’t enter eyes. Boundless void, cool safe so pressure. Holds body squeezes head. Fireworks snapping, explosions inside out. Outside turns in, climbing event horizon. Empty science dark future, know for what. Barren rocks far reach, swimming never move. Only us this. Accelerate vandal’s compulsion poisons well, slap grabby hand. Grow behind realize final direction. Blinders off, find beach.

masked intentions

October 11, 2015

mask making party2

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In The Style of Substance

October 10, 2015

inthe style of substance fb banner

‘A beach house,’ he said, ‘doesn’t even have to be on the beach. Though the best ones are. We all like to congregate,’ he continued, ‘at boundary conditions.’
-Douglas Adams, Mostly Harmless

“Currently Going Through Customs Even Though I Was Born On This Planet.”
-Jaden Smith, twitterdotcom

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Faggot Ts

July 6, 2015

DSC00494Hand-faggoted and screen-printed t-shirts at:

Filthe on Etsy






Hand-faggoted t-shirts on Etsy

June 7, 2015

shirt EDITThis is part of an ongoing project to design work clothes that are interesting and attractive. Despite the embroidery and printing, these shirts are very durable — I made the first testers two years ago and wear them often during landscaping. These shirts are made with love and designed to join you at work for many many seasons.

Buy at Ye Olde Filthe Shoppe