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masked intentions

October 11, 2015

mask making party2

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In The Style of Substance

October 10, 2015

inthe style of substance fb banner

‘A beach house,’ he said, ‘doesn’t even have to be on the beach. Though the best ones are. We all like to congregate,’ he continued, ‘at boundary conditions.’
-Douglas Adams, Mostly Harmless

“Currently Going Through Customs Even Though I Was Born On This Planet.”
-Jaden Smith, twitterdotcom

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Faggot Ts

July 6, 2015

DSC00494Hand-faggoted and screen-printed t-shirts at:

Filthe on Etsy






Hand-faggoted t-shirts on Etsy

June 7, 2015

shirt EDITThis is part of an ongoing project to design work clothes that are interesting and attractive. Despite the embroidery and printing, these shirts are very durable — I made the first testers two years ago and wear them often during landscaping. These shirts are made with love and designed to join you at work for many many seasons.

Buy at Ye Olde Filthe Shoppe

chromesome embroidered tanktop

March 11, 2015

prototype for a five-panel cap

March 11, 2015

hand dyed cotton
screen printed chromosome pattern
yogurt container brim!

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Is It Medicine: a wake

November 24, 2014

December 2, 2014
The Beaver, Toronto

Is It Medicine: a wake

Live by The Knife, Die by the Knife
but what if they leave the party first?
what do we do once that band/lodestone/cult moves on?

come listen to music by The Knife and by people and projects they worked with
there will be mask making supplies, but you are also encouraged to BYOFace
theme: rave funeral, digital séance, pre-/post/in-it-to-win-it-apocalyptic



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