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(f)utility t-shirts

January 7, 2014

(f)utility tshirt(f)utility t-shirts now available on Etsy

(f)utility was originally about frustration and wrestling with failure. As i was printing them, though, i decided to add additional layers to experiment with different printing chemicals. That was when i remembered my favorite dance move: lean into it. By embracing failure, imperfection, nonsense and all those other beautiful words, it’s maybe a cheap way to bring fun back into difficult work and hard times.

(f)utility tshirt


One happy customer says, after a trip to the gym, “I just exercised in futility…”
These shirts were re-purposed from older shirts, so some of them have images on the insides. In addition to sleeveless and short-sleeved, they also come in a variety of colours. Please specify which shirt you would like from the images above. The first six shirts are all sleeveless, the last five are short-sleeved.

Previously displayed at The Logandog T-shirt Gallery

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