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Freddie Mercury

September 16, 2013

kerri's portraits redux 0011.
When at the tender age of seven someone asked what my favorite group was, i squeaked “Queen.”  it was all my big sister listened to, so invariably i followed suit.  when she moved onto hair metal, all her tapes became mine, and i would revel in “Live Killers” as Freddie played the crowd like a fiddle, effortlessly turning them out as the world’s largest choir ever.
Not many people know that Freddie was Parsi (né ફરોખ બલ્સારા‌, written Farrokh Bulsara in Roman script), just like lots of people ignored how queer he was and how only a handful of people knew he was dying of aids until the day before he finally got some rest.  Seems like he had to deal with lots of shame throughout his life, that maybe being on stage gave him some freedom to live for two hours at a time.  What do you think it would have been like to hang out with him, that maybe he would just start humming randomly to himself in the middle of a conversation or swish a little while washing dishes before dashing to jot down some lyrics?

It’s hard to even picture him washing dishes though. If his catsuit got wet, would it repel the water? As a gazillionaire, wouldn’t he just be able to afford a new dish each time he wanted to eat something? Or did he wear people clothes and do people things too? I mean, almost certainly, since he was also people, but he seems like so much more than us, god-like even. Which possibly he became after a while, if what some people say is true and that humans create gods by showering them in praise and adulation.

In the future, we’ll all be wearing catsuits. Computers constructed into flexible fabric will be silkscreened and bedazzled so that the internet, the internet of the future called outernet and the social media of the future that records 2 second, fully-immersable, 4D experiences can all be accessed with a simple self-caress. It is my understanding that Freddie knew how important body conscious technology would become one day and wanted to model the versatility of such an outfit for us. I find that quite generous of him.

illustration: Kerri Flannigan
coloration: Khia

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