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May 16, 2013


making the world fancier and the people richer (May 7th – May 31st)

Get Skillz! —– Sewing! Screen Printing! Design! SALES Quality Control! —– Access Tools!! —– Sewing machines! Sergers! Light Table for screen Printing! Scissors! —– Use Materials! —– Fabric, tshirts, inks, leather, zippers, shiny objects, etc – all the things needed to make your product! —– Make a Product! —– Leave with something you made! Work from designs and patterns, or create your own! —– Get Professional Feedback! —– Get feedback on what it takes to make your product retail ready! Learn about online sales opportunities like etsy or ebay!

For more info contact Julian at

May 7th  – QWCHC  – Image Creation for Screen Printing
May 9th  – VS YMCA  – Announcement, activity
May 14th  – QWCHC  – Announcement, activity
May 15th  – VS YMCA  – Day 1 textiles: Studio, Equipment, Project Orientation
May 16st  – VS YMCA  – Day 2 textiles, Screen Prep
May 17th  – VS YMCA – Day 3 Textiles, Screen Prep
May 21st   – Print Shop – Screen Burning
May 22nd – Print Shop – Screen Burning
May 22nd – VS YMCA – Day 4 Textiles
May 23rd – VS YMCA- Day 5 Textiles
May 24th – VS YMCA – Day 6 Textiles
May 28th – Print Shop – Screen burning
May 29th – Print Shop – Screen Burning
May 29th – VS YMCA – Day 7 Textiles
May 30th – VS YMCA – Day 8 textiles
May 31st – VS YMCA – Day 9 Textiles

QWCHC = Queen West Community Health Centre, 168 Bathurst 2-5 pm
VS YMCA = Vanauley Street YMCA Centre, 7 Vanauley, 12-4 pm
Print Shop shop @ Eva’s Phoenix = 11 Ordnance [register for these sessions in advance – or 416 516 5428 ex 23]

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