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BEYOND BUCKSKIN: Patricia Michaels – Project Runway Top Contender

January 26, 2013

So excited to see this new episode and ­especially how she made that ­print. The beauty and simplicity of it are so inspiring. I just love that you could theoretically bust out something so lovely and graphic a­nd sophisticated with your bare hands in such a short amount of time. My new diy rolemodel!




from BEYOND BUCKSKIN: Patricia Michaels – Project Runway Top Contender

For example, for the first competition, designers were challenged to create a garment that shows their personalities and is inspired by a view of New York City (they must also incorporate input from the rest of the designers on their teams – a new challenge added to Season 11). Michaels immediately takes to painting her fabric.

I appreciate Michaels’ work because much of it is concept-based, environment-based, or story-based – which are some of the core entities of Native American creativity.

For her Episode 1 dress, Michaels’ explains, “I’m creating the ‘New York window cityscape’ look,” and she achieves this look by handpainting partial squares using a silver grey paint and cutting slits into the leather dress.

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