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Points of Access | Whippersnapper Gallery (Nov 10-29)

November 2, 2012

To talk about accessibility is to acknowledge who is being included, and who is being left out. Points of Access looks critically at different understandings of accessibility.

Erica Brisson, David Yu, Eshan Rafi, Tamara Platiša and Saša Rajšić create scenarios in which viewers and/or participants animate relationships of inclusion/exclusion, participation, and permeability. Through these relationships, the artists address the idea of “access” in relation to political borders, queer and racialized communities, civil discourse, and public space.

The Point of Access series also responds to the limitations of conventional art audiences. The entry points for the works – street interventions and person-to-person conversations – actively engage audiences beyond the art community. These are concrete alternatives for the relationship between art and audience.

via Points of Access | Whippersnapper Gallery.

Points of Access Launch Party
Featuring “Relationship Building” by Eshan Rafi
No cover, cheap drinks — DJ Zehra and Chantellle
November 10, 8pm-1am
Steelworkers Hall, 25 Cecil St
Venue and washrooms fully accessible.
Gender neutral washrooms will be available.

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