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Calling all Trans* & Genderqueer Writers – THE UNTITLED MAG WANTS YOU

October 2, 2012
Calling all Trans* & Genderqueer Writers

Here at The Untitled Mag, we’re looking to build a community. One that is engaging, critical, and provides empowering content for everyone, and we mean it. We’re an inclusive online publication that aims to empower the many faces diverse youth represent…but we need YOU,to do it!

Right now, we’re looking for Trans* and Genderqueer writers to become apart of our amazing writing team. This would be a position where you can express yourself, through your writing, in a space that encourages and supports you.

Our writers get an exclusive spot within the publication to write about art, culture, health,and style. Write about life through your unique perspective, review movies and make mixtapes. Talk about your favorite comic and how it speaks to you, or tell us why that one book really really sucked (ahem, 50 shades of what the…). Make a  guide on how other trans* and genderqueer youth can fight back in this ciscentric society, or shoutouts to great projects within the trans* and genderqueer community. Voice yourself through critical, thought-provoking, and refreshing pieces, give it all and get real.

What sets The Untitled Mag apart from other teen-based publications, is that we don’t put up with anything that tries to silence (or downright ignores) us. We mean it when we say “community”. We know how harmful it is when the mass world of media lets us fall through the cracks, and we know there needs to be a place where we can be who we are without continuing to be ignored or misrepresented.

So come join us! We’re like those new kids on the block that are secretly really cool, but not everyone has figured it out yet. If you’d like to learn more about us, please visit our website at

If you’re interested in becoming a writer @ The Untitled Mag, please contact us through email @

Catch ya l8ter alligators,

The Untitled Mag team

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