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2 – q t p o c montreal — Indiegogo

July 9, 2012

2 – q t p o c montreal — Indiegogo.


2 – q t p o c  m o n t r é a l  2 0 1 2 is dedicated to 2-Spirit indigenous queer and transfolks of colour, with gorgeous art, oral history, artist talks, community lectures, in different languages and from different continents.
It’ll run from August 10th to August 19th at articule artist-run centre in Montréal. In my secret mission, this show is going to ignite the city’s first ever 2-Spirit Queer and Trans People of Colour Pride Week. Aaaaaaah!

Textaqueen shows art from National Portrait Galleries to tattoo parlours, and they’ll be showing folks of colour in their own fictional post-apocalyptic movie posters. The image for this campaign is theirs.

Adee Roberson has been heralded as a leader of Black american political, musical and visual subculture through her art, magazines and band the New Bloods, and she’ll be showing layered collages of family and politics.

Kesso Saulnier is a Guinean Quebecer francophone who stitches comic strips ten feet long, this time in interpretations of songs sung by Big Mama Thornton and Billy Holliday.

Leroi Newbold will show a machine stiched xeroxed mixed media graphic novel archive of his childhood, survival, thrival, blackness, ancestors and a castle full of cats.

There will be more, including graphic memoirs of a Canadian refugee detention centre.

We are raising $3000 to go towards work transportation, rights to exhibition, installation, workshop facilitation, translation, invitations, travel and accomodation, and more.

Contributions will earn you perks, like screen printed posters, screen printed tshirts, and even a thank you video!

We love you. x o x o

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