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Town Hall for political queers // May 27

May 23, 2012

Calling all Political Queers!

This year’s theme for Toronto Pride is “Celebrate and Demonstrate.” Over the last few years, many political groups have fought hard to maintain the visibility and inclusion of political groups and messaging in the parade. From the Pride Coalition for Free Speech to Blockorama’s struggle for space to the attempted ban of QuAIA from the parade, queer activists, political organizers and allies have come together to keep Pride political.

The theme, “Celebrate and Demonstrate” is a great opportunity to put politics front and centre, but there’s also a risk that the corporate interests at Pride will co-opt that messaging, and invite Toronto to “Celebrate and Demonstrate your love for TD.”

We need to make sure that political messaging stays at the forefront of Pride this year, so a small coalition of political queer groups in Toronto have called for a Town Hall meeting to come up with a common message we can use to increase political visibility at Pride this year.

Date: Sunday 27 May 2012

Time: 2pm

Location: 519 Community Centre, Auditorium

Who: all political groups, individuals, and others who are interested in contributing to building a strong political presence with a diverse voice at Pride.

Bring your friends, dates, chosen (and un-chosen) family, and anyone else you think might be interested.

We hope you can join us!

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