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My Toronto Wishlist

April 24, 2012

This city has lots of great resources and a lot more of the creature comforts than Montreal. Clothes shops are better, tons of galleries, the library system is out-of-control amazing. There are still some things, though, that we’re missing here. Some of them are just groups that i miss from MTL, some of them are stuff that i’ve heard about and some are dreams that i’m stealing from other people.

  1. A source for reusable takeout containers
  2. A non-profit and/or collectively-run copy shop
  3. Mobile bulk food depot (a friend Shelly came up with this one. It’s like a health food store that carries bins of bulk beans, oats, nuts, dried goods, etc, and loads them into a truck. Once a month or so, this truck then drives to different community centres and brings the health food to the people. I want this so bad, but mostly just because i miss being able to buy oats 25kg at a time.
  4. Childcare collective
  5. Fr<->En translator collective
  6. Drop-in screenprinting studio
  7. Pilates by barter

Any tips where i can find these things? Any wishes to add??

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