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victory for the little guys: eska water forced to remove racist ads

July 12, 2011

Racist bottled water adverts pulled | Art Threat

For some reason they thought it would be safer (legally speaking safer, not more respectful or anything) to stereotype and demean Indigenous peoples in general than to specifially steal from and mock one particular culture. Check the video, but it’s really a ludicrous defense. Nobody ever steals from one particular Nation, because settlers don’t think there’s any difference between them or recognize their sovereign political/cultural structures. To mock inidigineity is to insult Indigenous peoples the world over by saying how anything that isn’t colonizer is backwards and ridiculous.

Amazing work, though, getting the ads pulled. From what i can tell from their facebook page, it seems like this was just a couple weeks work by lots and lots of people. Now they’ve issued an apology and are ssslllooowwwlllyyy pulling the ads. Lots of credit to the always brilliant Clifton Nicholas and everyone else that got the word out and harassed Eska til they finally conceded.

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